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Do you go to facebook or google+ to find the latest information about a specific topic? I don’t do that. I go there to share stuff, to socialize and to discuss. And if I take a closer look at the logic of these networks, than sending straight information about a specific topic isn’t the best way to gain attention there, right? From all big networks Twitter is still the plattform that deals most with information. But in the first line, I use old-fashioned rss feeds from blogs and media (aggregated via netvibes) to stay updated about topics I am interested in. Nearly all social behaviors have found a digital playground in social networks allready. But one social behavior seems to be under-represented: People love to show everyone else their expertise, they love to share their knowledge and they love to present their special topic: movies (think of the cineastes in your circle of friends), the internet (think of the webnerds out there), or stereoselective transaminase (well, your collegue at work, maybe). And now think about all the curation tools we have seen so far: Of course, we are all competitive in some way. But on the other hand I share a lot of sympathy with the other founders, because we are all the same alchemists, searching for the key to trigger exactly this human behavior in a digital world.
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